Hverm er Sherco

The youthfulness of the Sherco trademark, born in 1998, contrasts with the growth that it has experienced during this short, but intense, five-year period.
Born as a result of Marc Teissier's passion for trials, Sherco has carved a niche for itself among the leading manufactures in the trials market this success has been evident from the very beginning. This success can be contributed to Marc's ability to bring together a management team filled with experience and prestige in the field of trials.
The popularity of the Sherco brand among riders has allowed a fast, but methodical, expansion of the product line and the number of models offered. The number of trials motorcycles available was increased from one to four, including a special model designed for children. The model line will continue to be expanded for 2003 including an additional model for children as well as additional enduro models.
Early in 2002, Sherco obtained the HRD Company, thus stepping into the highly competitive 50 cc market. This coming fall, the second Sherco production plant, located in the French city of Nimes, will be inaugurated. This plant will be exclusively devoted to producing enduro and supermotard motorcycles with different cylinder displacements. The existing Sherco plant in Caldes de Montbui (Spain) will be devoted entirely to the manufacturing of trials models.
Today, Sherco has an important presence in 50 different countries throughout the five continents, with an estimated 2002 production of 5,000 motorcycles, of which 3,000 were trials motorcycles, the remaining were enduro and supermotard motorcycles. Sherco has an even more promising future, with an expanded 2003 model offering that will take full advantage of the opening of the new Nimes factory; this will allow us to create even more new product models. These new models will include the same quality and strengths that have come to be associated with the Sherco name.

In Competition

Taking on new challenges is part of the Sherco philosophy, and competition is one of those challenges. From the very beginning of Sherco we have always had our motorcycles competing in the most important championships in the world where we offered a competitive model.
Obviously, the most important presence of Sherco in competition takes place in trials. Sherco takes part officially in the trials World Championship through the Official Sherco Team, with Albert Cabestany as riders and Josep Rovira Paxau as technical director. Likewise, Sherco takes part in the most important classic competitions through the presence of an assistance team. The Sherco Factory Team offers support to all of competitors who choose Sherco motorcycles for competition. An increasing number of riders have chosen Sherco as their brand of choice as was apparent at the 2002 edition of the legendary Scottish Six Days Trial, where Sherco was the brand with the highest representation.
But the presence of the Sherco brand in races is not restricted to trials competition. The new venture of Sherco in the 50 cc market has been an incentive to compete in the hard fought
French Supermotard Championship, with Yoann Marche and Eric Dubus as riders. They have achieved spectacular results, such as Yoann's win in the first race in which both of them entered.
At Sherco, we consider competition as one of the best ways of improving our product and making its qualities available to the public; our outstanding competitive results are a clear reflection of the high quality of our motorcycles.